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There is no Greater Joy for a Human Soul
than to recall the Union
with the Source from which it comes
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How Can We Serve...?
    Have you noticed when people talk AT YOU and not to you?
    Often people speak to us in a role we are playing or from their idea of who they think we are. These forms of communication often leave us feeling invalidated and alone.

    As we live our lives we will create many roles as a mother, father, boss, worker. Sometimes we play these roles so well that we forget, we forget that we created them and we are not them.

    As we live our lives we also learn, as we learn the brain tends to make rules in regards to these learnings. These rules sometimes serve us well, other times they become very burdensome and create limits. Sometimes these rules become more important than we are to ourselves or more important than loving our friends and family. I guess where we see this the most is in the brain's need to be "right". Those that are right all the time, and must make people know they are right, are also one other thing... alone.

    Our brains are wonderful tools. However, often we identify so much with our thoughts that we believe we are the "Thinker". The "Thinker" is a creation of past experiences and the emotional responses we had to those events. If you were to change, and not identify so much with the Thinker and become the witnessing presence of the thinking, then you the Spirit takes charge. The brain is simply a reference to the past or to future. This is were it lives. Paradoxically, Spirit is only in the present. Have you heard of anything truly happening at any other moment than the present?

    The brain will convince us that it knows all or can learn all. I have found when I am in the present, I have access to a greater knowledge than my thinking can imagine. For when I am present, I am found.

    When we are present we free ourselves from the past through forgiveness, and the blessings of life can flow to us without effort or struggle. It is within this state of being that healing occurs and true "Spirit to Spirit" communication takes place!

    You Are Loved

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