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There is no Greater Joy for a Human Soul
than to recall the Union
with the Source from which it comes
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    Have you ever spoken to someone who has had a near death experience?
    A near death experience without the drama and trauma is the closest description I can give you about the trip to see the Philippine Healers.

    The reason that I say this is that after a near death experience we seem to have a clearer picture as to what is truly important in our lives. Is it more important to be in control of others or to love them?

    The trip to visit the Philippine Healers reminds us that we indeed choose our own reality and that sometimes we are influenced by challenging energies.

    Consider how judgment of ones self works. When we accept a judgment in our hearts about who we are, it creates dis-comfort in our bodies. We become uncomfortable in our own skin and there is no ease or grace. This lack of acceptance, or being ill at ease, is what creates dis-ease in our bodies. The judgment takes form... This is one of the energies that the healers remove from our bodies.

    Nothing you have ever done requires you to judge yourself.

    We all have friends, and when we see them we greet them with different emotions depending upon the circumstances. When you see a dear friend you are glad and happy to see them. I will call this the emotional flavor of your meeting. If you see someone who you believe did you wrong that emotional flavor may be anger or fear.

    We forget that we also have a relationship with ourselves. What happens when you close your eyes and take a deep breath and say "Hello" to your own body? What is the emotional flavor? Do you have an experience of well-being or something short of what you would choose? Remember that you get to choose your own reality. It may be challenging to choose Love and acceptance, but the rewards are great. These blockages are what are removed during the meditations and healings.

    The trip focuses on your relationship with the source from which we come. That is Love.

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